Positive Options
Positive Options


Could we help you?

We engage with individuals, families and businesses to explore issues that are causing concern in their personal or working lives, providing strategies and interventions to help cope with the following:

* Anxiety and Stress
* Panic Disorder
* Depression
* Eating Disorders
* Bereavement
* Relationships
* Trauma


In addition we can offer life coaching to assist in

* Personal Skills - Communication, Anger Management, Assertiveness
* Personal Development - Self Awareness, Empowerment, Confidence, Self-esteem


Our Therapeutic Interventions are based on the following:

Group Cognitive Therapy                            Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Structured Facilitated Therapy                     Mindfulness                        

Motivational Enhancement Therapy          Psychodynamic

Family Therapy                                           Person Centred

An integrative programme can be tailored to meet individual and group needs.


As well as Workshops for 

Emotional Management




Music Therapy